14 Oct 2014

686 exhibition is finished

Our 686 exhibition is finished yesterday.
We had huge Typhoon on last day of our show.
But still some people showed up.

More than 500people came to our show in 5days.
The number of visitors are increasing each year.
Thank you so much!
This Red girl is my latest doll.
 I tried to make ICHIMATSU doll which is old Japanese style.
Well she became like this....
I will challenge to make ICHIMATSU again sometime soon.

I like framing my dolls.
I want make frame myself next time!
Thank you again!!!

I will join one more show from Oct 23
at Aterier Seed in Tarumi KObe.

Really small this place will get bunch of cute craft art stuff.
I am looking forward to seeing art of other artist.
 http://atelierseed.shop-pro.jp/(Japanese site)

Again I am still working for this....
I hope I can finish them!

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  1. Me encantaron tus muñequitas en los cuadros, hermosas