1 Sep 2016

Nami Terao doll exhibition just started!!!

Nami Terao doll exhibition started today.
Sep 1st (Thur) - 6th (Tue)
@Gallery 4hiki no Neko
in Osaka Chayamachi
Tel 06-6359-6516
Please come to see a lot of dolls !
OKAYUchan is waiting for you

6 May 2016

BUBUYA Craft Market

  SORAKUEN”Airakuichi”  相楽園”相楽市”

TONBORI Wattshoi トンボりわっしょい

Just finished event "Tonbori Wattsho"i in OSAKA with Mory.
It was my second time experience of Craft market outside.
First market was at Srakuen in Kobe.
My friend Mory has more experience so I could relax this time.
Still learning a lot about market.
looking at Kyoto market sometime....
I will join "Airakuichi"at Sorakuen next month again!
With more stuff I hope


5 Mar 2016

Neco for Cat exhibition

Here is my new doll "Neco" for Cat exhibition at Ohya art village BIG LABO.
"Neco" is dreaming something.......
The exhibition place is pretty far from KOBE.
They use old school as gallery. It is very unique I suppose.
There are many artist in the village that I heard.
I hope I can visit the Cat exhibition to see my "Neco"and artists.

2016 March 12 - Aug 30

おおやアート村BIG LABO 猫屋敷展に出品する

2016 March 9 - 18
BUBUYAもChic Chic人形で参加します

16 Feb 2016

Cat exhibition progress

Here is one of my progress.
I am going to join cat exhibition.
Not only cat dolls....many different kind of art cat will be there.
The exhibition will be at old school in Yabu city.
Which is very unique style I suppose.
This place is quite far from Kobe..
I hope I will be there♪

養父市おおやアート村BIG LABO 猫屋敷展に出品します。


29 Dec 2015

My last work in 2015

I took some soft dolls to Atelier Seed today.
My Soft dolls called " Chiku Doll"are BUBUYA's new creations.
I made them for a Autumn festival at Gion-san this year.
I wasn't sure to make soft dolls....Do I love them?
Because this is my first challenge as my art creations.
Well ... I made one ....and I loved it!
It was easy to make decision for Soft dolls.
I will keep making them more and more .
I hope people will love my  "Chiku Doll" 

本日アトリエシードに布ドールl”hiku Doll”を搬入させてもらいました。
布ドール”Chiku DOll”はBUBUYAの新しい布お人形たち。
みんなに”Chiku Doll”が愛されるといいなあ!

23 Oct 2014

My first Blythe Middie "Oski Tebya Lyublyu"

Here is my new doll Blythe Middie "Oski Tebya Lyublyu".
I haven't got new Blythe for ages.
I have been looking at Junie moon shop.
And I found out They have less Middies couple weeks ago.
Most of them are sold out!!
So I bought her right away  .

My new girl is really lovely and cute,
 I love her so much.
I just don't know her name means.
I think she is good size with my small dolls on a photograph.
Which is good right? 
Now she is wearing vintage dress of Penny Bright.
I will try to shoot her more!!!

I am very happy with her!!!

14 Oct 2014

686 exhibition is finished

Our 686 exhibition is finished yesterday.
We had huge Typhoon on last day of our show.
But still some people showed up.

More than 500people came to our show in 5days.
The number of visitors are increasing each year.
Thank you so much!
This Red girl is my latest doll.
 I tried to make ICHIMATSU doll which is old Japanese style.
Well she became like this....
I will challenge to make ICHIMATSU again sometime soon.

I like framing my dolls.
I want make frame myself next time!
Thank you again!!!

I will join one more show from Oct 23
at Aterier Seed in Tarumi KObe.

Really small this place will get bunch of cute craft art stuff.
I am looking forward to seeing art of other artist.
 http://atelierseed.shop-pro.jp/(Japanese site)

Again I am still working for this....
I hope I can finish them!